Maybe it’s a bit late in the day to be starting a dev log for Textise when it’s already up and running. Actually, maybe “running”‘s a bit strong. Walking quite quickly and tripping up now and again perhaps?

That’ll do.

If you’re wondering what Textise is for, go immediately to the Textise homepage and type in a (valid!) URL. For some background, have a look at the About page. If you have an error to report, please add a comment to the Error page, and for other feedback please comment on the Feedback & Suggestions page.

Textise seems to work OK with IE (I’m using IE8), Firefox and Google Chrome. I haven’t tried it with the new super-dooper Safari yet. Chrome seems a bit keen on re-submitting data if you want to go back, so for Textise use it’s probably better to use one of the others.

Textise uses a web service to retrieve and mutilate web pages. The service can be found at http://www.textise.net/textiseService/Service1.asmx. The code’s mainly written in C#. I also had to use a whole load of Regular Expressions, which I hated, but unfortunately they’re ideal for this sort of exercise.


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