One step forward….

I’ve noticed that Textise doesn’t work at all well with The problem is that, like the site, servers/domains change according to content type. For example, gets changed to, something I’ve had to code for. Yahoo exhibits similar – if more extreme – behaviour but I’ve yet to find a good pattern on which to base the exceptions I need to make to the usual rules for creating absolute URLs from relative and root addresses.

This problem only affects the “textised” links on a page: if you go to a Yahoo page, copy the address and paste it into the Textise home page, it’ll work fine.

Of course, this is all caused by the BBC and Yahoo using internal look-up tables to change server/domain for certain URL patterns, and I don’t have access to these tables.

I’m keen to get Yahoo working, as it’s one of the most widely-used sites, so I’ll do what I can in the next week or so.

Also coming up:

  • Options! Fonts, colours, behaviour.
  • A Textise browser plug-in! Now wouldn’t that be useful? Might take a bit longer – need to investigate.

As always, let me know your experiences of Textise on the Feedback & Suggestions page.


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