Response, idiot, not Request!

Apologies for getting obscenely techie here, but it is a development blog, y’know!

I’m pleased to report that my problems with changing domain names (see previous post) are now over. Woot! This is all down to a challenge inadvertently laid down by my friend, who today me told me he was sure you could tell what proxy/server a site had switched to. I. of course, told him I’d spent many hours on this problem and had concluded it was impossible. He said he’d give it some thought.

Well, I wasn’t going to have that, was I?

So, as soon as I got home tonight I had another look at the problem and guess what?… he was right. Problem was, I’d previously been looking at the Request object for a hostname change, when I should’ve been looking at the Response object! D’oh! (and some bad words that Homer isn’t allowed to say.)

So you’ll find that, for example, Yahoo now works absolutely fine. And I can finally get on with all the lovely frilly option-choosing stuff. And stop being a nerdy boy and play some Smiths really loud (which is just geeky, by the way, and definitely not nerdy at all).

Thanks, Graham!


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