Ask a slave if hard work ever hurt anyone

Snappy title, huh?

Over the next few day’s I’m hoping to fill in a few gaps. It might not happen, but here’s what I’d like to get done:

  • Options page (fonts, colours, etc.)
  • Leave doc links alone, i.e. don’t create “textised” versions of links to PDFs and other documents.
  • Fix the current problem with “../” -type links. These aren’t used so much these days but I did come across one on the BBC America site.

The trouble is that it’s a beautiful spring day here in the Cotswolds so I might get tempted to go outside and, well, y’know, commune, man, instead of coding.

Or I might just be lazy. Again.

I also need to put some thought into registration. It’s possible to store options in a cookie, of course, but cookies can get deleted or just expire, so the better idea is to store a user’s preferences on a database, and that would require people to register and log in. All perfectly possible, of course, but quite a lot of work: these days you really do have to go through that whole “activate my account” nonsense to combat the idiots who ruin the Internet. So this a bit further down the road.

And finally… will Textise help blind people with their screen readers? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. Having spoken with an accessibility expert from Queen Mary University London – who also happens to be blind – it seems that, yes, it improves some sites (for example, CD Wow) but is probably too limited because you can’t actually buy anything or search for things whilst in Textise. This is largely true, of course, and while I don’t think it’s ever going to be possible to allow users to log in to, say, Amazon of Facebook using Textise (imagine the law suits if Textise caused a payment to fail!), I can certainly improve the search capabilities. At the moment, Textise allows you to use Google and view the results in a Textised format, so this could be expanded to include other search engines, just like IE7/8 does. Again, this would require people to log in to retrieve their search options.

But look how sunny it is.


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