G20 update!

G20 update? Who told you that?

Well, a few improvements to report on Textise. In fact, a shed load*! I’ve made so many changes recently that I can’t even remember them all. But they’re good – really good, all of them. The one’s I can remember at the moment are:

  • Bullet points! Retained now.
  • Images! Still zapped (of course) but ALT tags are kept.
  • Options! Easily accessible from the Textise Home Page or any Textised page, these allow you to tailor font and colours as well as change the look of links and the position of the Textise info bar.

Imagine it! – the BBC web-site in red Comic Sans on a pink background! Genius!

  • Search engines! Lots to choose from on the Home Page now. The list’s not going to be editable until I allow user registration, and I think we’ve already had that conversation, haven’t we?
  • Small fixes! Many and varied. So much quirky stuff on the ‘Net, y’know. Shocking.
  • Documents! PDFs and .DOC files are now linked to as is, i.e. not in a Textised way (because it can’t do it). AVI files and MP3s are similarly affected.
  • XML documents like RSS feeds now render.

Not bad, right? And so much more fun that being a pop star, any day. Not that I care.

*For non-British readers, this charming idiomatic expression means “a lot”. As you may have guessed.


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