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Yesterday I added a new “Bookmark this page” feature, necessary because standard bookmarking will just save the address of the showText ASPX but not the URL the user was trying to Textise (unless he/she was using a query string, but who’d do that?)

It was quite tricky, actually. Ended up having to double URL-encode the address and make a few consequent tweaks to the web service and showText. Then I discovered that you can’t script bookmarking on Chrome or Safari. And Firefox defaults to opening scripted bookmarks in its side panel. This last is a bug, apparently, which they’ll hopefully fix soon. Bloody amateurs!

I made a load of other changes too, just small fixes, but I can’t remember what they were now. Thing is, every time I use Textise I find something else that’s either wrong or could be better. The endless project? Might be.

Still haven’t fixed “../” links – too boring. And I keep worrying about extracting text from Flash sites. And I wonder if I should try to keep search boxes, but that would be very difficult: I’d have to send a form’s values to Textise, work out which was which, send them on to the form’s “action” URL, get the results… I keep thinking, “No, impossible”, but then a small voice in my head says, “Go on, try.” I do wish it wouldn’t.


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