The circle: squared

I’m pleased to say  that I’ve written a Firefox add-on that allows you to textise a page using the right-click menu. WIth this add-on, you can easily flip in and out of Textise, something that I always envisaged for it.

You can get the add-on from the Textise Firefox page or the Mozilla Add-ons site. (On the Mozilla site you’ll need to tick to accept that it’s “experimental” until it gets accepted as a public add-on. Don’t worry, it works fine!)

Please feel free to leave positive feedback about the add-on on the Mozilla site – it’ll help to get it made public quicker.

Safari users, meanwhile, will have to wait a little longer for the options to work properly. Yes, I know I said it was fixed: call it self-delusional, if you will… The problem, it seems, is caused by Safari getting upset by cookie values in double-quotes, as in “Text New Roman”, and also by fonts it doesn’t know (as in “Times New Roman”). Shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Chrome users should find that the options work fine for them now. My thanks to Graham Hills for moaning about this on a regular basis.

There’s a bug I’ve noticed whereby a URL containing a plus sign (‘+’) causes Textise to error. All to do with URL-encoding and decoding, I think.

Now where did I put that To-Do pile?


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