Textise is a BRIGHT diamond (official)


Some news on feedback I’ve been getting recently.

Harri Ruuska, a fully blind Finn, has emailed me to tell me how he’s been able to use Textise to solve accessibility problems he’s been having with some web-sites. In an email titled “Textise is a BRIGHT diamond”, Harri explains how some web-sites cause his screen reader’s cursor to jump back to the top of the screen every 10 seconds, which suggests they’re using some sort of auto-refresh code.

Harri goes on: “However, the Textise tool can be successfully used to prevent the texts from moving on the screen (on these sites there is approximately ten seconds time to scroll downwards before the auto update takes place) so IT IS SOMETHING VERY ANNOYING and luckily Textise solves this challenge.”

Guardian Online: frustrating
Guardian Online: frustrating for some blind people

Sites that Harri’s had trouble with are independent.co.uk, mirror.co.uk, guardian.co.uk and travelbritain.com, sites that Harri describes as “good examples of very challenging websites for the visually impaired persons”. Using Textise, Harri says, a “site can be captured as a text that does not move on the screen”.

Harri uses the Jaws 7.0 screen reader, which isn’t exactly the latest version (the latest I’ve seen in v11.0), so I suspect that this sort of problem would be solved by an upgrade, but the software’s not cheap so there are probably many people out there who’d benefit from this use of Textise.

Harri concludes his email: “VERY BRILLIANT!!!!!! Let me say you have done A VERY FANTASTIC JOB and you have completely solved the problem that we are experiencing.
I really hope that you receive the appreciation and support for being able to go on with future developments of Textise.
Excellent job indeed!”

So thanks to Harri for his support and enthusiasm. Quite made my day!

I was also contacted by sukh, who left the following message on the About Textise page:

great website…been a absolute lifesaver for me today.

There is a problem with my router – losing roughly 80% of packets sent to it. My current speed is 2.5kpbs, but can still view sites thanks to this site!

Mucho Appreciato!

Again, it’s fabulous to discover new uses people are finding for Textise. Thanks, sukh. If you find a new way of using the program, please let me know at ian @ willysoft.co.uk or leave a message on the Feedback & Suggestions page.

San Antonio City Hall
San Antonio City Hall

Finally, I’ve recently noticed that the City Of San Antonio in Texas, US is using Textise on its new official web-site. Have a look for the “Text Only” link at the top right of all of the pages – it uses the javascript snippet from this blog to create a text version of the current page using Textise. You can find the site at sanantonio.gov.


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