Ugh! Commercialism!

Ugh! Capitalism!
I have just – reluctantly – added Google Ads to Textise. I’m sure this will unsettle some users and, yes, I am sorry, but the fact is that it’s already cost me several hundred pounds in hosting to make Textise available – and contributions so far have been few and far between.

This does, of course, highlight one of the many contradictions of the Internet: everyone likes free stuff but someone, somewhere is usually losing out in the process. This time it’s me, and not for the first time: in the early 90s I developed and ran a successful on-line adventure game called TrueHero until hosting costs became prohibitively expensive. And, in case you were wondering, no – free hosting isn’t an option because it lacks speed and support.

I hope that the appearance of the ads at the top of your Textised pages doesn’t prove too much of a distraction. I’d be particularly worried if the ads interfered with screen readers – if that proves to be the case, please let me know!

I’ve also made a change to the way that Textise handles URLs. Before, the program could use GET or POST, which is why the URL in the address bar might or might not contain the source page’s address. All pages are now accessed using querystrings (GET method), so you should see the source address every time. Again, if this causes you problems, please report the issue on the Error Reports Page.

In conclusion, I actually don’t expect the ads to generate much money, if any. I’ll keep an eye on them for a month or so and, if nothing’s happening, I’ll remove them again. Can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Oh, and a Happy 2010 to everyone!


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