Site Down

Apologies to all of our users but Textise is in its second day of down-time.

The problem has been caused by my hosting company who recently carried out a server migration. Suffice to say, Textise doesn’t work on the new servers! I’m currently trying to point back at the old servers but this might take a while to propagate. I’m also waiting for the hosting company to fix the problem – I understand that they’ve given this high priority now.

In addition, I’m disappointed to tell you that the Firefox add-on is now refusing to work under FF 3.6. This is quite annoying because I re-developed and tested the add-on using the 3.6 beta and, in fact, it’s been certified by Mozilla. More news when I’ve had chance to investigate further.


2 thoughts on “Site Down

    1. Really sorry for the problems with Textise. I have (in spite of my hosting company’s lack of technical support) managed to narrow the problem down but, unfortunately, this means that the ball’s back in their court. Put simply, I think the new servers they’ve moved to haven’t been properly configured and, of course, their migration process was wholly inadequate.
      So, please hang on in there – we’ll be back up and running as soon as possible!


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