Textise Firefox Add-on fixed for version 3.6!

It’s fixed. The Firefox Add-on for Textise is fixed. ‘Bout time too, eh?

The new version’s is optimistically dubbed “2.0” and is now available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/12145/versions/. It hasn’t been approved by a Mozilla reviewer yet but you can still install it if you wish. I’ve tested it with FF 3.5 and FF 3.6 and it works beautifully.

This new version should be future-proof for the upcoming Firefox 4. It also allows you top add a Textise button to your toolbar (go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize… and drag the Textise icon onto your toolbar).

Apologies for the delay in fixing this – and thanks for your continued support!


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