Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Well, the things I said I’d do this weekend are done. (Oh, except for helping to put our house into some sort of order before everyone comes back for Christmas. Might have to start that in a minute!)

I’ve improved the web service’s performance a bit, sorted out the search engines, fixed the Tweet link on Textised pages and added options for text width and right-hand border.

And guess what, I’ve finally removed the Google ads, which should also help speed things up.

Not only that, but Textised pages now display a TinyURL link. There’s just no stopping me sometimes, y’know! Please help spread the word by making good use of the Tweet and Like links on the Textise home page and Textised pages.


2 thoughts on “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

    1. Thanks – Page Rank 6 next!

      Adsense’s contextual results were actually really impressive, I thought, given that it just had a great blob of text to work with and no straightforward precedents based on the URL but… it didn’t yield much revenue and added more network load. I had originally planned just a month’s experiment so it was about time I sorted it out!

      I’ve recently started work ona new innovation – more news soon (if I can get it to work)!

      Nice blog, by the way.


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