On off on off

Omar (The Wire). He probably likes Textise.Listen up.

Made a new version of the Firefox addon a little while back and it’s now been approved so… you should probably get it.

This is Textise 2.1 and what it gives you is text-only toggling. So, if you’re looking at a text-only (Textised!) page in Firefox and you want to see the original version (with all its unnecessary images and styles) but you can’t be bothered to go right back to the top to click the “Back to reality” link, you can just select the “Text-Only View (Textise)” link again and DA-DAAAAH! You feel me?

This is a useful facility, brothers and sisters, although there is just one small drawback: if you came to this Textised page from the Textise home page and you didn’t provide a full URL (i.e. you missed off the “http” or the “www” or whatever) it don’t work. This is something that I am aware of.

Which is all you need to know.


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