DIVide and conquer! Ha!

A DIV, yesterday.Report from the frontline…

Fixed the copyright info on the home page.

Added code to retain a DIV tag’s ID so that internal bookmarks work. Not that straightforward, in that other keywords in a tag (like class and style) do have to be removed. Seems to work well and certainly makes news articles (like on www.independent.co.uk) much easier to read because you can just click  “Skip to content” and miss out all the annoying links at the top of the page. Especially good on the Kindle.

And, while I was fixing the DIVs I realised what was causing Out Of Memory exceptions in the code that sorts out images, so that’s also now fixed.

I’ve double-checked and all code has “Release” status.

All told, then, I’ve completed four of the tasks from yesterday’s To-Do list.

It’s true, by the way – when you come back from the Options page you’ll find you’re using POST instead of GET (no querystring), which means you can’t bookmark or flip back into “reality” by hitting the “Text-Only View (Textise)” link in Firefox. Not a biggie, I guess, but I will fix it soon.

Still can’t decide what to do about displaying error descriptions.


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