Say hi to the Hello Bar

Hello Bar imageI’ve added a Hello Bar to the Textise home page – have a look, it’s the thing at the top.

At first sight, you might wonder what it achieves. After all, you might reasonably opine, it’s just displaying some text and a link. I could do that with HTML And so you could. But here are the clever bits…

The first clever bit isn’t that clever but it is useful. You can choose to display an RSS feed on the bar. Yes, there are other ways to do this, but the Hello Bar makes it easy and that counts for a lot in these latter days of the Cappuccino Empire*.

Secondly, you can update the Hello Bar from Twitter. Using a hashtag, some brackets and a URL, your Hello Bar can be persuaded to display a “latest news” type message while you’re stuck on a bus in a traffic jam.

Thirdly, you get some useful stats on impressions and clicks. I love stats on impressions and clicks, don’t you?

You can customise it with colour themes, of course, so it doesn’t have to look out of place on your page. They’ve even provided a handy facility to hide the bar (the big arrow on the top right) for those people who find such things offensive.

The Hello Bar is still in beta and I think it’s showing promise. However, I’m hoping they’ll be able to do more with it in the future, like adding images and allowing a larger variety of content. As a convenient bit of remote content management, I think it’s a useful tool, but, in a crowded market-place, the developers will have to work hard on their USP.

(*Like you, I have no idea what the Cappuccino Empire is. It might be something to do with the rat race and western capitalism.)


2 thoughts on “Say hi to the Hello Bar

  1. I like the Hello bar, it does not detract from my textise viewing, but I do have a question – it does not show when viewing a text only link placed on a site, such as Is this deliberate or unintentional? Me, I would prefer no Hello bar on these links, but if it is a stats thing, I would have no great objection.


    1. Well, G (if that is your real name!) –

      No, I’ve only put the Hello Bar on the Textise home page. When making changes to a Textised page, my rule of thumb is “Am I adding something that’s not text?”. If it’s not plain text, I don’t add it. Otherwise, users of screen readers might immediately suffer, for example.

      The stats are just an added bonus really – I get most of my stats from Google Analytics.


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