You’ve been Googled

This is all very sad. I think Google have started blocking Textise. They do this apparently, if they suspect bot behaviour, or – as I assume is really the case – if their firewalls suspect bot behaviour.

This means, of course, that Google searching from the home page is no longer possible. Worse than that, though, you can no longer Textise Google results. Now, you might take the view that Google results are already pretty much text-only, which they are, but some people will prefer to go into text-only (Textise) mode and stay there.

The fact is, I’m always concerned if any sites fail with Textise. And Google… well, it’s one of the biggest, right? Disappointing. I’ll see if I can sort it.

On a happier note, Textise is now in regular use in Vietnam. Usage figures have, in fact, gone through the roof since our new Vietnamese users came on-line. Hello Việt Nam!


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