Textise WP7 App – now in development

I’ve started work on a Textise app for Windows Phone 7. I’m a big fan of the WP7 (in spite of some slow updates) so I’m quite excited about writing my first app.

You can see how far I’ve got in the screenshot. I originally wanted to use a white background to maintain consistency with the way Textise looks on the Web but I’ve read that too much white can eat up battery life so decided to go with the standard WP7 black. (Black, it’s all BLACK! BLACK! BLACK!) Downside is that I’ve probably got to create a reverse logo.

Like the web version, Textise on the WP7 will have a front page (Home) where you can type/paste in a URL or search term. Bing will be the (only) search engine because it’s the WP7 standard and Google have blocked Textise

I’m hoping to get most of it finished this weekend, after which I’ll start on the long, long road to the WP7 Marketplace. I’ve already registered, paid, verified myself (had to send a signed kidney to a company called Geolocate) and unlocked my phone.

I still need to have a think about whether to charge, how much to charge, whether to offer a trial, whether to produce a free “lite” version and a paid “full” version (with, say, bookmarks), whether to go with adverts. Quite tricky.

If this goes well, I’ll consider doing an iPhone app.

In other news, you can say “bye bye” to the Hello Bar. They reduced the functionality so I’d pay them. I didn’t. No great loss, I think.

Ta ta for now!


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