DO YOU LIKE Windows Phone 7? DO YOU LIKE Textise? Well…

It’s out! The WP7 Textise app is out! *proud*

Not sure if I should be (proud), though. Don’t know if anyone’s buying. But it’s there – on the Marketplace – and that’ll do for now. Here’s one place you can see it…

The release version is v1.0 and I do have plans for a variety of improvements, so if you’re thinking of buying it please bear in mind that you’ll also get all future refinements for your money. These may include:

  • Pivot view
  • Landscape orientation option
  • Favourites
  • Choose search engine
  • Swipe to go back/forwards

I have a few other ideas and I’d also be very happy to consider any suggestions you might have.

In other news, the Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism is now using Textise for its text-only option. Great to see it being used for such a good cause.

And finally… I’m still struggling with encoding/character set problems. I thought I’d found a happy medium whereby the web site and WP7 app both worked happily with a variety of sites but yesterday evening I found yet another problem. I continue to ponder and will hopefully have one of those epiphanic moments soon. Or find something in a forum suggesting I reinstall Windows.


2 thoughts on “DO YOU LIKE Windows Phone 7? DO YOU LIKE Textise? Well…

  1. Great app! One thing I’d like to see change are the square buttons at the bottom of the screen which don’t look very “Metro”. Would be great if they were moved to be standard round buttons in the AppBar. You could make room for them by moving the infrequently used current round buttons (like ‘set home’ and ‘about’) to be text-based menu items that only show on expand of the AppBar.


  2. Thanks for the constructive feedback, Michael. I’ll definitely have a think about your suggestions. I have version 1.1 almost ready to go but I’ll be thinking more about look-and-feel for version 1.2.


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