Oh, by the way…


First up, apologies for the recent outage on both the web-site and the WP7 app. This was due to some serious problems I was having with the web service. I’m still unsure whether it was caused by me or my hosting company: the problem was intermittent, which suggests something wrong at their end, but it came right after I republished a tidied-up version of the code. Maybe we’ll never know! One thing I can tell you, though, is be very careful when using SVN for your source control. Guess who, in the middle of this crisis, clicked Update when he wanted Revert? Well me*, obviously. I didn’t realise for quite some time, but this had the effect of flooding my project folders with inappropriately-placed duplicates. It was a right mess until I had the good sense (at around 5:00am) to delete some stuff.

During my difficult evening, I went on my hosting company’s live chat in the hope they could help. The support person first suggested I re-start my computer. He then asked me to check my broadband connection, in spite of the fact that we were chatting on-line at the time. I told him that errors were still occurring and that my users were unable to use the site. He suggested I tell my users to restart their computers. Genius.

Sales of the WP7 app have taken an upward swing after 1800pocketpc.com published details. I’ve actually been sending out press release emails, which seems to be working. The app’s now at version 1.2 and allows you to choose which engine you use for searches (Bing, Google or Yahoo).Google now only occasionally blocks Textise so I thought it worth the gamble!

The latest problem I’ve seen is with pages consisting of a header containing a redirect. Textise renders these as blank pages (no content, y’see) instead of following the redirect. Might see if I can fix it at the weekend. Might not.

*I know, I know – dodgy grammar.


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