October News

This time next year we'll be billionaires

Overall usage figures for Textise continue to rise. Some comparative figures:

Textise Page Views
Month 2010 2011
July 4,342 12,920
August 4,076 13,256
September 3,381 12,325
October (1 – 23) 3,036 9,427

Around a three-fold increase, then. Pretty good.

Apologies to those of you using the Windows Phone 7 app. If you’re using the new OS (Mango) you’ll notice that the ‘Skip to content’ feature isn’t working. At the moment I have no idea why! I can’t find anything in the specs to indicate a change to the webbrowser class that could cause the problem.

If you use the Textise home page you’ll have noticed a spinny globe showing visitor locations. I realise that this is yet more clutter on the page but I couldn’t resist it. It only shows visits to the home page but I think the geographical spread is really interesting.

On a slightly different note, my new app is now available for the Windows Phone 7. It’s called Quits and it’s designed to help you to give up your bad habits. I’ve already used it on one of mine and it really works! Future plans on the app front include strategy game Goblin Harvest (now probably destined for the Windows 8 tablet) and a music app for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. As for the novel I’m s’posed to be writing and the new Television Of Cruelty recording, well…


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