Oh, by the way…

First up, apologies for the recent outage on both the web-site and the WP7 app. This was due to some serious problems I was having with the web service. I’m still unsure whether it was caused by me or my hosting company: the problem was intermittent, which suggests something wrong at their end, but it […]

Textise WP7 app – ‘Testing in progress’

I’ve gone and done it now, haven’t I? I’ve submitted my app to the Windows Marketplace where it’s being tested. Or possibly not, this being a Sunday, although I suppose it’s possible that the little Microsoft testing elves are cruelly made to work 7 day weeks. Here’s hoping! I had such fun, reading through the […]

Textise WP7 app – nearly done

Worked quite a lot on the app yesterday and today (yes, working – for you! – on a Bank Holiday Weekend). Most of what I wanted to do for the first release is now done and it looks sort of like this.. That’s a terrible picture, isn’t it? It was taken using the webcam on […]

Textise WP7 App – now in development

I’ve started work on a Textise app for Windows Phone 7. I’m a big fan of the WP7 (in spite of some slow updates) so I’m quite excited about writing my first app. You can see how far I’ve got in the screenshot. I originally wanted to use a white background to maintain consistency with […]

New Page For Web Developers

The new page, For Web Developers, is now fully updated. An important new feature is the “notextise” class, which allows developers to control what gets converted to text on their site and what gets ignored. This means that they can offer a neatly formatted, text-only view of their pages without all the untidy navigation links […]

You’ve been Googled

This is all very sad. I think Google have started blocking Textise. They do this apparently, if they suspect bot behaviour, or – as I assume is really the case – if their firewalls suspect bot behaviour. This means, of course, that Google searching from the home page is no longer possible. Worse than that, […]