Hover Bovver

Just made a change to the way that links behave when you hover over them. Long-time users will know that, by default, Textise previously displayed an underline on links when you hovered over them in the text-only output. In the interests of improved accessibilty, links are now outlined. This is way of indicating focus. I’m […]

Textise for web accessibility

Hey Textisers! If you use Textise for web accessibility purposes, please let me know how it’s helping you. There are some cynics about who think that text-only is never the answer, but we know different, right? Thanks!

Problems accessing Textise

We’re aware that some users are having difficulties accessing Textise. Please be assured that we’re investigating and hope for a swift resolution. EDIT (28/02/2016):¬†Hoping that everyone can now access Textise OK. Seems there was a problem with some IP address blocking at my hosting company. If you’re still have troubles, please let us know!

Web Service lock-down!

Today I’ve implemented a change to the way that the Textise web service is called. The reason for this is that some people have been abusing the service by hitting it with ridiculous amounts of traffic, which obviously has an adverse effect on Textise as a whole. I’m very happy for the web service to […]

DDOS attack

Many apologies to anyone struggling with Textise today. Unfortunately, some idiot has been using it as a proxy for a denial of service attack on booking.com, causing server and application errors. My hosting company have had to throttle Textise to protect other sites on their servers and, at the moment, I’m trying to persuade them […]

2010 in review

This is the official WordPress 2010 review of the Textise Dev Blog.¬† It’s nice of the WordPress people to be so supportive. Better in 2011, of course. And bigger. And better. Yeah! ————————————— The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its […]