And your host for tonight is…!

This weekend (Saturday 23/11/2013) I intend moving Textise to the new hosting on HostingUK. There’s absolutely no way this can go wrong, of course, but I thought I ought to warn you anyway… You’ll know when Textise is running on the new servers if you see “Textise is now hosted by HostingUK” at the top […]

Tips ‘n’ Tricks #2

A few more ways to make your text only output look funky/clear/interesting… Easy on the eye Black Tahoma font, 18pt, on a silver background. Like Sunday morning. Exercise book Proper old skool, this one. It uses the “Lined paper” background texture and the MV Boli font in blue. Add smudges and doodles to taste. Column […]

Tips ‘n’ Tricks #1

Textise is a lot more configurable than people often realise. Using the Options page, you can choose how you’d like you text only output to look, from font colour to the way that links are formatted. The Options page can accessed from the Textise home page or any “Textised” page. Below are a few ideas […]

Hosting problems

Apologies to everyone who’s experienced problems with Textise today. It looks like my hosting company, WebHost4Life (yeah, ironic name), has messed up my config again. The home page and other HTML pages are fine but the underlying web service is broken, which is why you’ll get an error if you try to convert any pages. […]

One Direction

Just made a long-needed change to Textise. I noticed a little while ago that pages had stopped reporting SSL errors and were now complaining about “too many redirects”. I was pretty sure that the web service had code to deal with this but guess what? – it didn’t. The solution I found came in […]


I’ve been making some changes to the way that Textise manages subscribers. Subscriptions are available to web masters who want to use Textise to power Text Only/Accessibility links on their pages. The rules for subscriptions are pretty simple, as laid out on the For Web Developers page: Commercial use Textise is free for personal use. […]

October News

Overall usage figures for Textise continue to rise. Some comparative figures: Textise Page Views Month 2010 2011 July 4,342 12,920 August 4,076 13,256 September 3,381 12,325 October (1 – 23) 3,036 9,427 Around a three-fold increase, then. Pretty good. Apologies to those of you using the Windows Phone 7 app. If you’re using the new […]